Good News

I have officially named the second novel to Transition!

BAD NEWS: It’s my little secret! Lol

I’m feeling really good about my second novel. I am hoping to release it sometime this year! The story continues where Transition left off. There will be more characters, more drama, and more Nichole! I really enjoy how her story has progressed. Also, we’ll get to see (spoiler alert) Casey and how she has adjusted to her new life! I really can’t wait until you all read it! My mom has read the rough copy and she absolutely loves it. She is really mad at me right now because I haven’t written the third novel but she’ll just have to wait. Don’t worry mom! I’ll begin writing it soon enough!

I am also happy to announce that Transition T-shirts will be available soon! Yay! I am really excited about them! They will be available for purchase on my website so be on the lookout! Don’t forget… Transition can be purchased Here on my website (autographed paperback), on Amazon (ebook and paperback), Google Play (ebook), and at CollegeBoyPublishing (paperback).

Please, Please, Please! If you have read Transition please leave a review on Amazon or/and Google Play! Click the links to leave a review.


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Paige N. Walker, Author4Life

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