Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all those Trick or Treaters out there! It’s October 31 and today is the day that people get to dress like crazy people and get away with it. I can’t include the little children in that statement because they look so cute in their outfits! Sometimes I wish I could still go Trick or Treating but I’m not a little kid anymore. How sad!

What’s that you say?


Oh, you want a Treat! Well here’s one for your candy bag:
Transition- novel
Yes, this is my book cover! Don’t you love it? I sure do! I am so proud of my cover and happy that I get to share it with you today. I basically sent a description of what I wanted to my publisher and they sent me a masterpiece! It’s what I wanted and so much more! Thank you College Boy Publishing and Armani Valentino!

So what do you think about my Cover? Don’t forget to leave comments below!


Please Take One


Did you say something else? You want more treats? But the sign says take one! You can’t be greedy!


For all those participating in the Trick or Treat season please give the children more candy! They dressed up for you! Those princesses and superheroes want more than one piece of candy! I think adults and children alike are accustomed to sticking their hand in the candy bucket and pulling out more candy than they can hold. It wouldn’t be Halloween without all that sugar!  Candy bag

Well since you asked I will give you one more Treat!

Book Signing Event
I will be having a book signing the Saturday after my book is released! Forgot what day that is? Why my book will be released December 1, 2015!
Books will be available for purchase at the signing but if you bought yours ahead of time just bring it in! I am really excited about the signing and release and I am counting down the days!


Book Signing: December 5, 2015 between the hours of 9:30am-1:30pm at The Thompson Library 38 Rahling circle, Little Rock, AR 72223


Candy bag
That is all the treats I have for you on this Halloween! Remember psychopaths dress up on Halloween too and they look like everyone else!
Happy Halloween!

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  1. Hey girl. Love it! It grabbed my attention. Love you and keep up the good work! When you make it big don’t forget about me. Lol just kidding

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