End of Summer Updates

Hi everyone!

I hope your summer has been fun! Mine sure has! I’ve spent my summer reading, writing, and getting some sun! I even had a sunburn to prove it lol! Enough about that. More about Transition.

So I’ve started writing the third installment of Transition. I’m very excited about it. There will be a big twist in it that no one will see coming. As for the second installment, I have no official publication date but don’t worry I will get working on that too! Self publishing means that I have to shoulder the costs of publishing my novel so please bear with me.

Want to help the publication process for the second installment of Transition to move along faster? All you have to do is… Purchase Transition or a Transition shirt! Yes, it is as easy as that! Spreading the word to other readers helps also. I use the Transition shirts to promote my novel. Many people ask me about my shirt saying that it caught their attention and I end up telling them about my novel! So take a picture with the book or wear your Transition shirt! It really does help promote the novel!

Have a picture you would like to share? Email it to paigewalkerauthor@gmail.com 

I want to thank everyone who has purchased Transition and/or a Transition Shirt! It means a lot!

Remember Transition can be purchased on: Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, Barnes&Noble, or wherever books are sold!